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Home, I’m Darling Tour Review

Home, I’m Darling is the story of a modern couple living the idyllic 50s life. The house is colourful, perfectly tidy and the husband comes home to his wife with dinner ready on the table. But in the modern day, it’s a struggle for two people to survive on one income which leaves their lifestyle and marriage in jeopardy. While I prefer musicals to plays, the description and 50s aesthetics intrigued me enough to go.

The actors in Home, I’m Darling were easily one of the best parts. Jessica Ransom as Judy and Neil McDermott as Johnny fit so well in the the 50s it was a surprise to find the play was set in modern day.

Diane Keen plays Sylvia, Judy’s mother, is easily the stand out performance. Sylvia holds no nostalgia for the 50s as she grew up during that time. At one point, she frankly points out all its issues while her daughter sits in denial and clings onto her fantasy before it comes crashing down.

A beautiful part of this performance is the set and clothes. They look straight out of a 50s advertisement. The dresses are perfectly pattern matched, and even the kitchen is decorated in an outrageously bright yellow. While this show was first, the opening reminded me of Wandavision’s first episode.

Another thing I liked was the use of popular 50s music and jive style dancing to mark transitions between scenes.

The poster for Home, I'm Darling at the entrance to The Alexandra in Birmingham.
Home, I’m Darling at The Alexandra, Birmingham.
Jessica Ransom and Neil McDermott as Judy and Johnny in Home, I’m Darling. Photo by Jack Merriman.


Overall, the story has an important message about communication in relationships and working together as partners to solve issues. It also reflects on how some people look back at the old days through rose-tinted glasses and are blinded by the nostalgia instead of taking into account all the issues, like discrimination, lack of medical advancements and technology. It’s an emotional story with some laughter and a lot of heart. Though, I feel the characters should be introduced to the phrase ‘Vintage Style Not Vintage Values’.

Extra Info

I am no way affiliated with Home, I’m Darling or The Alexandra Theatre. To check out the remainder of the Home, I’m Darling tour, click here.

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