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The Mind Mangler: Review of the Tragic Circle

If you enjoyed Keith- I mean, the Mind Mangler, in Magic Goes Wrong, you’ll love this. Though, the audience member did look a little familiar. As usual, I am not affiliated with Mischief Comedy or The Alexandra, and all thoughts are my own.

As my first theatre show of 2023, The Mind Mangler was a good choice. Starring Henry Lewis as the Mind Mangler and Jonathan Sayer as The Stooge, the show featured heaps of comedy and a surprising amount of emotion.

One of my favourite parts of the show was the audience suggestions of animals. I never expected to see Henry Lewis attempt an impression of a puffin, but I’m glad I did. Especially as Jonathan Sayer looked desperate to start laughing.

The show has a good mix of light-hearted comedy and magic, along with a few relevant jokes. There was a surprising amount of swearing but also some heart and emotion found between Keith and his stooge friend. It expands and even includes some of the parts from Magic Goes Wrong. If you watched Magic Goes Wrong, it might leave some parts underwhelming, even if it’s standard for comedy and magic to reuse parts of their acts.

Front entrance of the Alexandra Theatre with the display poster for The Mind Mangler

I heard only one complaint as I left the theatre: some families with younger children (around 8-10 years old) were surprised there were no warnings regarding the swearing and finale. While booking my tickets, I don’t remember an age recommendation like Bat Out of Hell and Rocky Horror had. After looking of the official website, there is an age recommendation of 12+, but the booking site may or may not have a warning. it might be something to keep in mind if you’re thinking of taking children to see the show.

Still, if you like a bit of magic and want a fun night out, I highly recommend this show. For more info or for tickets, check out their website here.

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