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The Devil’s Chord (Doctor Who) Thoughts

The Devil’s Chord spoilers ahead!!

(Yet again, posting several weeks after it aired but still)

The Devil’s Chord is the second episode of the latest season of Doctor Who. It stars Ncuti Gatwa as The Doctor, Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday and Jinkx Monsoon as Maestro.

General Thoughts on The Devil’s Chord

The Devil’s Chord’s setup confirms this season is leaning into the supernatural as a result of Wild Blue Yonder. I loved that the Doctor and Ruby changed clothes to better suit the 60s and both looks fabulous. The transition used to show it was nice and smooth.

I also liked the Doctor telling Ruby about the 1st Doctor being in Totter’s Lane with Susan. it gives a bit of backstory for anyone knew, and is yet again a nice little reference for fans.

Maestro was a very fun and over-the-top character and it worked. However, I was hoping we could have quieter and more intimidating moments like the Toymaker had in the toy shop. I was mostly hoping for more variation and nuace in the character, though behind the scenes info suggests that it was down to the over-the-top performances being liked the best. Even before Maestro was said to be some sort of offspring of the Toymaker, I thought they had similar vibes. I noticed the notes played as the Maestro climbed out of the piano were the notes from The Giggle and liked the connection. Though, how the Toymaker has a child is beyond me.

Also, I loved the implication that history changed as a result of music changing, since there’s be no love songs, no dances, and even no social evenings on a weekend back when going to dances was the popular thing to do.

Humour and Misc Stuff

I am certain that this episode was not originally intended to be episode number two, since Ruby mentions it being June or July after it being Christmas in the last episode, but I assume they’ve moved it for some reason. It did answer questions about why Ruby trusted the Doctor so much already, but its annoying that we don’t see any of the time they’ve spent together between this episode and the last.

The terrible songs are hilarious and watching the Doctor and Ruby watch these bad songs being performed was hilarious and also brilliant acting.

I loved the meta nature of this episode, like Maestro playing the theme song, and how some of it was used for jokes. I loved the Doctor saying ‘I thought that was non diegetic’ about the music in the background. Furthermore, I love how the show brings attention to the fact that one song can cause so many different emotions for so many different reasons, and I personally love that because music is art and it is supposed to make you feel something.


The music battle suddenly made me think of Devil Went Down To Georgia and intentional or not, it was fun. I wished that it had been Ruby as the main part since she was playing the piano earlier in the episode. Ruby played piano in the Christmas Special and I was hoping it would be more useful in this story. Instead the Doctor ends up feeling like he has the bigger part, and not in a way that calls back to the 2nd Doctor’s recorder.

Also, I think The Beatles themselves were underutilised in this episode. Since only Lennon and McCartney do anything in the finale, it left me wondering why the episode needed them specifically. Part of me hoped the notes to banish the Maestro would be the melody to a Beatles’ song. Considering the ending, it might have been better than them reading a few notes and playing the right chord together.

There’s Always A Twist At The End

The song was a fun little bit, but I did wonder what the point of it was. Is it to do with Susan Twist? Is it because the notes match The Giggle? I do hope there’s a reason for the whole song and dance sequence. Otherwise, it feels like a flashy show of budget with all the dancers and other extras and everything else. I did like the cameos from Shirley Ballas and Johannes Radebe known for Strictly Come Dancing.

Overall Thoughts on The Devil’s Chord

Overall, I liked The Devil’s Chord, it was fun, kind of camp and very interesting. While my theory is not new at the time of publishing this, I think the show is hinting at the Trickster. After this episode, I immediately called my friend to guess that ‘The One Who Waits’ is the Trickster. I hope that The Trickster is involved as he’s been mentioned before (Turn Left) and originated in Sarah Jane Adventures. The Trickster is an entity from the Pantheon of Discord, like the Toymaker and Maestro.

Still, I enjoyed the episode and can’t wait for more.

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