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Tales of the Tardis Review

Doctor Who is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary. As part of it, Tales from the Tardis looks back at some classic episodes and bringing back some of the actors to reflect in universe using a ‘memory Tardis’.

Warning: this will have spoilers.

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Episode 1: Five and Tegan

For any fans who were saddened by Adric’s death in Earthshock, this episode provides some much needed closure. The characters finally address it, and the Fifth Doctor takes responsibility for having never addressed Adric’s death was so meaningful.

Episode 2: Jamie and Zoe

This episode reflects on the pair regaining their memories, which have been lost and remembered many times in wider universe material. This one does have a fond remembrance of the Second Doctor with his recorder. It’s clear both of the actors miss Patrick Troughton as well.

Episode 3: Six and Peri

As one of the least liked doctors, the Sixth Doctor gets a quiet moment with Peri, with a bit of commentary on present day Earth. I like how the aspect ratio shifts as the Doctor declares ‘Good can come from even the darkest of places’. The implication that they travel again makes me wonder what it would have been like if the Six Doctor had gotten the personality and stories people wanted, rather than his conflicting and slightly aggressive attitude that he took out on his companions.

Episode 4: Jo and Clyde

Jo and Clyde are a delight, messing with sonic screwdrivers. But it swiftly turns bittersweet at the mention of all the Doctors and, of course, Sarah Jane. This episode feels like a tribute to the joy that was The Sarah Jane Adventures, and also to all those involved with Doctor Who that are no longer with us. This episode more than the others so far seemed to resonate with me with it’s touching reflections.

Episode 5: Steven and Vicki

This episodes relishes in the chance to pan over all the little details and props that were likely still lying around at the BBC before this show. These two talking makes me sad that a lot of their episodes were lost. I love that wishing hard enough in the Memory Tardis makes this happen, like wishing a certain Doctor was there.

Episode 6: Seven and Ace

As second favourite Doctor-Companion pairing in Doctor Who, it is always a delight to see Seven and Ace together. They clearly love to be on screen together, and I love to see it too. This is probably the closest we get to a reason and explanation for Ace leaving the Doctor, and there’s something beautiful about the Doctor and Ace deciding to go off on more adventures by using a bit of other Doctors’ Tardis consoles.


Overall, the Tales from the Tardis is a fun and emotional set of episodes. Each episode offers a wonderful and emotional interaction. While there is little new content if you haven’t seen the classic episodes they reminisce on, the celebration of Doctor Who and the moments between the people in the episodes themselves, both in and out of universe, are worth watching.

Check out Tales from the Tardis on BBC iPlayer here.

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