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First Post + A Bit About Me

My first blog post!

Hello and welcome to anyone reading this! This is my first ever blog post! Yay!

In this post, I am covering a few bits about myself, my 2023 goals, and why I’m even making this blog in the first place.

Who Are You?

Whether you’ve stumbled across my Instagram and decided to look at my website, or whether you somehow found me through searching on the internet, you’re probably wondering ‘who even are you?’ and that is totally fair.

My name is Cassie Greene, I’m a writer, drawer and a lover of musical theatre.

I have several completed drafts of several different novels, and am currently trying to refine and query one in the hopes of getting traditionally published and being a professional author. I also have a collection of indoor plants I am trying not to kill which includes a spider plant and several succulents.

Here’s a few fun(ish) facts about me:

  • I’m vaguely ambidextrous with some things (writing, bowling and apparently archery).
  • My music taste is an eclectic mix of classic rock songs, musical soundtracks, modern pop (think George Ezra and Ed Sheeran) and some less well known artists like dodie and Beatenberg.
  • I like photography. I am by no means good at it, but I enjoy it regardless and love looking at pictures people have put lots of thought and effort into.

Why Do You Have A Blog?

This is probably more important that fun facts about myself, this is about my blog and why I’m making it.

Truth is, I’ve wanted to make a blog for years. I’ve wanted my own little corner of the internet to have a nice little website and write blog posts. The problem was that I didn’t really know what I could blog about. I don’t travel a lot, or have lots of experience in a very specific niche, and I’m definitely not sharing recipes for what I eat. Mostly because I eat very similar things every week, and I doubt it’s interesting posting about how I’ve eaten pasta yet again.

Part of why I made this blog is because it was one of my goals this year. I’m not usually one for setting yearly goals, but some things I have procrastinated far too long. Which leads on nicely too…

My 2023 Goals

Since it’s my first year setting myself yearly goals, I tried to pick ones that I can easily hold myself accountable for. Goals that aren’t so easy they’re done by January and goals I have to actually commit myself to.

Goal One

Number one was to make a blog.

Well, that’s done.

I figured there’s no better time to start a blog than now. I wasn’t exactly sure what I could post, until I realised I try to see lots of theatre shows locally, and maybe I could share my thoughts on those. I’m aiming to post at least once a fortnight, and maybe once a week.

In making this one of my goals, I realised that this blog is a great way to make me accountable for my other goals.

Goal Two

Going out more.

Going out more is definitely difficult. As an introvert with few friends, it can be awkward. It can also be expensive and just plain inconvenient when trying to fit it into a schedule. But as a self-proclaimed hermit, I would like to try to get out more. I want to try new things and go new places, even if it’s trying a new cafe once a month or so.

It also gives me some vaguely interesting things to write about on my blog.

And finally…

Goal Three

Querying my book.

I consider myself a writer, it’s how I describe myself to a lot of people. For several years, I’ve been writing. Novels, short stories and even just short scenes when an idea strikes. I’ve even finished several of my novel-length stories, some of which I rewrote and revised. Some of which were buries in files and folders in the hopes I’d never remember their terrible plot and characters.

This year, I have committed myself to revise and refine my most recently completed book and find it an agent. I’d love to share my work and my story, even if I have just decided that its ending needs completely overhauling, and I’d love to find an agent who wants my book to be out there in the world as much as I do.

There’s only three goals, but I know it’s no easy task, I’m putting myself outside my comfort zone. If you’ve read this far, thank you! If you like what I write, consider signing up for my mailing list to get alerted when I next post.

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